Las Vegas, November 10-13, 2005

Tournament report by Marie Irvine

Seven members of the Utah Scrabble Club attended the Las Vegas Scrabble 2005 Tournament this year. Seven is a significant segment of our small membership. We had representatives in each division:

Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Brook Robinson and Mike Stevens did well in the Early Bird Round Robin event on Thursday. Both earned prizes in their groups.

Kent Nelson proved he belonged among the top players when he won five of six games on Friday, getting off to a great start. Rookie/beginner Marie Irvine proved she belonged at the bottom of the ratings by winning only one game on Friday.

However, after the competition ended on Sunday, Mike Thelen was the only Utah player in the Main Event prize money, taking a fifth place in his division. Congratulations for a fine tournament. With such a good record, he won't remain in that division long. Perhaps his entourage of Kristen, Autumn Rose and Alexander Thelen brought him luck and inspiration.

Las Vegas didn't earn its recreation reputation on Scrabble, however, and all of the Utah club members spent time in the room of lights and bells and felt topped tables. Because what happens in Las Vegas stays there, there is no record of their other recreation results.

To all appearances, all seven Utah Scrabble Club members had a good time and are planning and preparing for the next big event.